Krakatau Roll

[Taken at Sushi Groove Grand Indonesia, Indonesia] I have to say Krakatau Roll is one of many favorites sushi of mine. The fact that it resembles the infamous Mount Krakatau which was erupted years ago complete with the spicy 'lava' running down from the top of the sushi makes this dish truly unique. This dish … Continue reading Krakatau Roll

The Conrad, NY

Located right in the middle of Battery Park at the Financial District, this hotel is a good accommodation option for those who don't want to stay in the middle of times square but still able to access it within reasonable time. What we love: Interior design of the hotel and the room itself. Something that I … Continue reading The Conrad, NY

Eggs Florentine with Crispy Bacon and Toast

My perfect saturday morning usually begins with a good and healthy (sometimes!) breakfast made by my sweet loving husband. One of my favourite things on the menu is this Eggs Florentine with Crispy Bacon and Toast. It's an easy fix if you know how to poach eggs properly which fortunately an easy peasy task for the … Continue reading Eggs Florentine with Crispy Bacon and Toast

Krazy in Korean Supermarket

My husband and I can spend an hour or two roaming around groceries stores, looking at products, reading food labels, screaming when finding products we've been looking for while munching on free samples offered in store :P. Its been my habit since I was a child and I feel lucky that I am now sharing my … Continue reading Krazy in Korean Supermarket