Cooking, and baking in particular, has been my preferred way to escape from the everyday life. Mind you, I’m not an expert but so far the results of my cooking and baking are decent for everyone at home to enjoy.

Having passed the Modena Experience Center in Kuningan for so many times, my cousin and I decided to sign up for the Dessert Cooking Class with Chef Aty. The class will cover three desserts namely Japanese Cotton Cake, Cheese Custard Tart and Napoleon Cake and costs IDR 650,000.


Although there are three recipes written on the flyer, I learned upon my arrival there that we will only be having a hands-on on Cheese Custard Tart. The other two will be demonstrated by Chef Aty. During the demo, Chef Aty gave tips and trick on the recipe and participants are allowed to ask questions, mostly on ingredients and cooking techniques.


After Chef Aty completed the three recipes, all of the participants were ushered into the kitchen to get the hands-on experience, cooking in groups under her supervision. The ingredients were already measured so all we had to do is mixing them accordingly and finally start the baking process.

Overall, it was an interesting experience especially because it’s the first cooking class I’ve ever participated in. I just wish the group allocation is smaller, maybe two per group as opposed to four. I’d love to join another cooking class in the future, particularly if they have a Spanish themed classes.


My cousin and I are totally in love with the whole Modena Experience Center concept, we just wished that we have access to this kind of kitchen everyday (*hints to husband, who I purposely asked to pick me up after class so he can experience this as well*).


 Thank you for the experience Chef Aty and Modena!

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